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Joy in the Cold

February 24, 2015
cold 2 (639x1024)

Ice Ice Baby


It’s been a tough few weeks, dealing with February’s freeze both physically and emotionally. I’ve heard from more than a few people that, for some reason, they’ve been very blue and out-of-sorts. And me, too!

Usually joy is jumping at me from every direction, but last week especially was a challenge. Then a blog post from Seth Godin came into my Inbox, suggesting that approaching a difficulty with a mindset of “singing and dancing VS. kicking and screaming” might be a more healthy alternative. “Singing and dancing” is obviously a metaphor ( I literally did do both anyway!) for trying to find what there is to learn and to turn it into positive creative action. Seth pragmatically ends the piece with, “This is incredibly difficult work, but it seems far better than the alternative”. Right – I needed that reminder. And so, on with the hard work of singing and dancing… and JOY!

In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod – After “Super Soul Sunday”, stay tuned for this very human half-hour series on OWN. I’ve watched 3 episodes and they’ve all hit me very intensely. The half-hour show profiles people who have gone through a Breakdown, a Breakthrough and finally an Integration of all the learning into working a way forward. It’s so amazing to see television like this.


Rosewater, the film – As sad as it was to hear about Jon Stewart’s imminent departure from “The Daily Show”, if he goes on to make more movies like this one, it’s everyone’s gain. As director, Stewart makes some very interesting choices in filming this true story of the captivity of Canadian-Iranian journalist, Maziar Bahari, in Iran’s Evin prison – some segments are very sparsely and quietly filmed and then others are very cinematic with video overlays. And I loved the choices of music and the score – so unique.

My joyful Grammy moment was watching Beck and Chris Martin do “Heart is a Drum”. Reminded me of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or Simon and Garfunkel… I’m so glad to see this kind of music having a resurgence. And Beck’s Grammy wins were well-deserved because his album, Morning Phase, is wonderful (#Kanyeknowsnothing).


My favourite Oscar moment was Julie Andrews walking onto the stage after Lady Gaga showed that she can masterfully handle any style of music. The length of the hug, people! I was crying buckets! If you didn’t catch Gaga’s performance, go to Youtube to be shocked.


We all need long hugs like this to get through this nasty winter, so I’m sending mine to you! 

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