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Joy in the Midst of Dental Issues

February 9, 2015
My Stitches Companions

My Stitches Companions

Oh yes, I had some lovely stitches in my mouth for a week, and couldn’t use one side (not joy)…


while convalescing and between salt-water rinses, there were some joyful moments.

Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson of "The Fall"

Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson of “The Fall”

On Netflix, I binge-watched the BBC series “The Fall” – both seasons. One of my favourites, Gillian Anderson, stars in this crime show as an investigative police detective, assigned to Belfast Ireland to hunt down a serial killer (played by Jamie Dornan). Within the first few minutes, I was hooked. I now get why they’ve cast Dornan in “50 Shades of Grey” – sexy and very dangerous.

Another BBC series on Showcase, “Broadchurch” is in its second season, which is fantastic, since its American counterpart “Gracepoint” was cancelled after one season. We get to see what happens next! Love David Tennant and the fantastic cast! Sunday nights at 10.

I also read 2 amazing books by Vivien Swift, as I’m researching travel writing and illustrated books. Both arrived from Amazon with perfect timing… as I was in couch-mode. “When Wanderers Cease to Roam” and “Le Road Trip” combine travel (and stay-cation) stories with her illustrations – her writing is very honest and it feels like she holds nothing back. Refreshing! Most illustrated travel journals are a little too “sweet”, but this one made me want to read her entries and not just look at her drawings.

A page from "Le Road Trip" by Vivien Swift

A page from “Le Road Trip” by Vivien Swift

Most of my food adventures over the last few weeks have involved smoothies, so I have to say just how joyful it is to make a smoothie in my new Vitamix S30. This was a Christmas present that I received from my son, as a result of him watching me take 20 minutes to make a smoothie with my old blender, dressed in a dishtowel as protection against the ingredients that always spray out of the bottom once it’s turned on.  (His reaction was something like, “This is ridiculous. I’m getting you a blender.”) The Vitamix takes only a minute to blend the ingredients into a silky wonder! My stitches were not bothered by the berry seeds that my previous blender could not pulverize. And I love the smoothie cup that comes with this smaller blender – I’ve toted it around my house and in the car.

Vitamix S30

Vitamix S30

While I was laying low, I did lots of drawing with the radio keeping me company. I kept moving around stations so I found lots more new music. But I’ll only share with you my new favourite song, “Black Sun” by Death Cab For Cutie. Here’s a live performance on Letterman:

The night before the stitches came out, I got to see the fantastic Raptors play at the ACC, and win. I nearly cheered those stitches right out of my mouth – if I tried harder, I could have saved myself another dentist visit! There’s so much joy in seeing a Toronto team winning! You’ve got to go see them!


Love this "Birdman" poster

Love this “Birdman” poster

Once the stitches came out, I got out to the movies to try to catch up on some Oscar nominations. Enjoyed “The Theory of Everything”, primarily watching Eddie Redmayne’s incredible acting. I also saw “Birdman” – this would be my vote (so far) for Best Picture and Best Actor (and cast, in general). I’ve read that this is a “love it or hate it” film but I was completely mesmerized by it, putting me solidly in the Love camp. I loved the speed, the bouncing back and forth between gritty reality and fantasy, the “voice inside my head” stuff, Edward Norton in another Bravura Jerk role, and the humour hidden in the most surprising places. Awesome stuff!

And a final moment of joy to share came when I booked a (cheap-ish) plane ticket to Italy for this spring! And you know how I love Italy – just thinking about this trip puts me in a joy-monious state. More to come about this trip!

Much gratitude to all these things for keeping me in a joyful place even with aching gums!









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