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A Few More Discoveries

January 21, 2015
Campagnolo 832 Dundas St. West,  Toronto

832 Dundas St. West,

How I love Tuesdays! New movies and music launch day! Another chance to discover something new.

Today’s musical discovery, (continuing in the vein of the singer-songwriter and again from the UK) – Jamie Scott. His album, My Hurricane, landed this week, featuring the single “Unbreakable”. Love the video.

Had a fantastic meal this past weekend at Campagnolo in Toronto with my-guy! I’ve been trying to get to this restaurant for months, and with some planning, made it a reality. The ambiance is lovely, the menu is small so easy to choose, and the service is awesome. I asked if they happened to have any gluten free pasta in back so I could try the famous all’amatriciana, but the waiter said no. A few moments later he came back to say that there was some today – hurray! We split the pasta and a duck breast appetizer – delicious. Then had the rabbit saltimbocca entree – each bite was pure heaven! The waiter told us that the entrees change often and sometimes the website doesn’t keep pace, so call first… or like us, arrive and see what the kitchen is serving!

And to end today’s short post, I’ll share with you a Joy Quote I came across the other day that made lots of good sense to me:


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