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Finishing Up 2014, Starting 2015

January 13, 2015

New Years Eve colour 2 (1024x827)

Wow, so much for my intentions to blog here more! And especially since I’ve had many joyous-joyful-joynormous encounters in this time!

So, I’ll tie up loose ends in this post and provide some new year’s inspirations, too.

Firstly, the thing you may be trying NOT to think about – FOOD! But if you are open to a few choice food experiences, you might want to consider visiting:

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen in downtown Toronto – Such fresh and reasonably-priced Thai dishes! Most served family-style in smallish quantities, which is fantastic for trying lots on the menu. A great urban vibe, and always busy so reserve!

Easy Restaurant in west Toronto – Amazing all-day breakfast with so many traditional and gluten-free options! They have this peanut butter banana smoothie that’s huge and delicious – don’t plan on eating all your breakfast if you order one of these!

Foxley Bistro in west Toronto – A South Asian inspired menu with a few surprises, like frog legs! Go for the red curry beef cheeks and the spicy shrimp!

Claudette NYC

Claudette NYC

And if you happen to find yourself in New York City (which I was in November), and like restaurants that do beautiful things with vegetables, snag a reservation at Claudette. A French bistro with a lovely ambiance, excellent service and… what they do with cauliflower and grapes must be eaten to be believed!

Okay, enough about food – how about some music to go with those kale chips you are snacking on?

There is so much good music out there right now that I could dedicate several posts to it. So, here’s the new stuff that I can’t stop listening to.

James Bay from the UK takes his influences from folkies of the past, but to me, he sounds very current, like a mix of James Morrison, Ed Sheeran and Damien Rice. His full album, Chaos and the Calm, is due out March 23, but 3 songs are available now and worth the download. Love this guy!

And check out this 18-year-old from Toronto (although I heard it’s really Mississauga), Scott Helman! His album, “Augusta” is awesome – he’s a very talented songwriter, and there isn’t a bad song on his album. He sounds like Ed Sheeran mixed with Vance Joy. He could be the next big thing! Here’s my favourite cut from the album, “The Lion” although you may be hearing “Bungalow” a lot on the radio:

Now from the young ones to the older ones – the latest single from U2‘s “Songs of Innocence” is called “Every Breaking Wave”, and it’s fantastic. I’ve found a few live performance videos of the song by the band, showing that age is not slowing them down. Listen to 54-year-old Bono just nail the vocal with passion!


My biggest book joy has come from Jacqueline Park’s looooooong-awaited sequel to “The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi” (one of my favourite books) – it’s called “The Legacy of Grazia dei Rossi” and follows her son’s life in Istanbul. Loving it!

legacy (518x800)

And as this is movie season, I’ve been taking in a few, but not as many as you normally know me to see. I’ve unfortunately been underwhelmed by many of the films getting accolades, but I do have to say that “The Imitation Game” was fabulous and lived up to the hype.

I’ve now gone on too long – I hope not to wait so long before the next post!

And if you haven’t already (did I mention 2015 is the year of shameless plugs), head over to to see what else I’ve been up to and join the growing community!

Happy New Year!


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